SCALLOPS network, support and advance sustainability groups in towns and neighborhoods all over Puget Sound.  Through outreach, education and community-building programs, we facilitate the cross-pollination of best practices, inspire and nurture new groups, trouble-shoot and solve challenges, and mobilize action on behalf of regional sustainability.


  1. SCALLOPS live our values as individuals in community
  2. SCALLOPS honor the natural world and our place in it. We support holistic ecological health for future generations.
  3. SCALLOPS use appropriate technology and strive for innovation.
  4. SCALLOPS support social, economic, and environmental justice.

By Cathy Tuttle

SCALLOPS (Sustainable Communities ALL Over Puget Sound) started around 2007 with a chance meeting between the coordinators of three widely spread out sustainable community organizations: Local 2020 in Port Townsend, Sustainable Bainbridge, and Sustainable Ballard (Frank Hoffman, Neva Welton, and Vic Opperman).

From the efforts starting with this small core, other groups grew and flourished and now there are over 60 SCALLOPS in the Pacific Northwest. Some are small groups of neighbors that meet monthly and share ideas over a kitchen table. Other groups have grown into major economic, social and political forces in their respective neighborhoods.

Sustainable South Seattle and Sustainable Queen Anne are both pioneering large-scale residential solarization projects. Sustainable Wallingford is writing a neighborhood sustainability plan. Sustainable Magnolia planted 350 trees in last October’s day of climate action. Transition Whatcom in Bellingham supports local businesses through Sustainable Connections and BALLE. Transition Whidbey has launched a local currency, the Whidbey Terra. Sustainable West Seattle started a tool bank where it loans tools and offers classes. Sustainable Northeast Seattle works with the Parks Department to grow food, fruit trees, and develop skills-learning fairs. There are dozens of similar success stories for each and every group.

SCALLOPS gather annually to share ideas, success stories, and network with nearby and regional groups. New groups are identified and at-risk groups mentored and encouraged. As a grassroots model, SCALLOPS offers promise for regional sustainability everywhere.

A complete and current list of SCALLOPS is available on our Find Your Group page

A great video of community collaboration in Sustainable NE is their solar potluck http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8p1VTUt3LUM



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